Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As I make a mad dash to finish before the stroke of midnight, I realized that I did this exercise eons ago and forgot to write about my experience! As many trollers on the internet, I've come accross more than a few helpful entries on Wikipedia. I've always thought it was a great source for tough to find information. But its one I rarely cite for customers, even though I've yet to find incorrect information, and have found the entries to be great stepping stones for finding more information on a given topic.

However, it was when I made my little entry on the Learn & Play wiki sandbox, I realized what it is actually like to enter and edit on a wiki. It was great! I did my edit, and when I went back a few days later I noticed another user put their link in the wrong place. I went ahead and moved it where it belonged and realized how powerful a wiki can be thanks to many editors. Even though I have always found the Wikipedia articles helpful, and knew that almost anyone could edit the entry, my gut told me that, multiple editors would cause problems and not solve them. Boy was I wrong. Like the Hip Hop Kids would say, "Multiple editors don't cause problems! They solves 'em! Yo!"

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