Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Need for ConCERN

The new particle accelerator is now running outside of Geneva and as of yet, nothing has been produced that could destroy the earth. I must admit that I had some concerns when I first heard about the lawsuit to stop it earlier this year. Why? The accelerator was built to recreate particles found immediately after the Big Bang. It is assumed that if created these particles will immediately break down, but how does anyone know what will happen? And if something bad is created, like say a black hole? The Cern scientists say, "We'll just turn it off and the black hole will disappate." Oh, I'm so relieved because of all your experience with black holes...looking at them from billions of miles away..hmmm. Anyway, yes I'm still little concerned, but if it works as anticipated, we'll learn about dark matter and ways to make computers and iPods even smaller!

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