Thursday, September 18, 2008

The LibraryThing...thing

I've finally added some books to my LibraryThing account today. It had been so long since I created the account that it took a few tries to get my password correct. LibraryThing is an interesting concept, especially for someone like me. Unlike many of my colleagues I own very few books. I've moved so many times that I refuse to keep more than I have too. So I've always been a great advocate for libraries. Why own the book when I can borrow it from the library?

I did run into one glitch with LibraryThing. Can anyone tell me about the Jave script error messages when you are trying to add a book? I got this error a number of times today and it was quite frustrating. The only work around I could discover was selecting another entry to click to have the book added. Sure, I could eventually figure it out myself, but it could take a while and I'm still catching up. Help!


Anonymous said...

I've been poking around with Shelfari, though I'm tempted to switch over to Goodreads. I didn't like that Librarything wanted to charge you for adding books over 200 (not that I have 200, mind you). Shelfari doesn't seem to have an option to connect you to people with similar reading tastes, though, which I think Goodreads and Librarything have? But Shelfari just got bought by Amazon, so I imagine that's where the people will be.

John said...

Thanks Ben! I will take a look at Shelfari and Goodreads.